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WHOLESALE program coming soon!

Posted by Samantha on 3/25/2012
We have very exciting news!  We have been working away on some exciting things over at!  One of them is our new wholesale program.  Have you ever wanted to own your own business?  Well this is your chance!  Selling toe rings can be very lucrative as they are extremely popular but almost impossible to find in stores!  You can set up shop almost anywhere - street fairs, festivals, the beach, host toe rings parties, etc.

Is this something  you'd be interested in?  If so, comment and let us know!

New! Adjustable Toe Rings

Posted by Samantha on 2/13/2012
Due to customer request, we've added a line of Adjustable Toe Rings to the site.  Boy are they an instant hit!  Take a look!  Aren't they adorable?  Here's just a few...
Adjustable Toe Rings

Twinkle Toe Rings - New Logo!

Posted by Samantha on 2/8/2012
We've been making some updates to the website!
We have a great new logo!  What do you think?

Wecome to our Blog!

Posted by Samantha on 2/4/2012
Yay! Thanks for visiting our new blog!

I hope you're enjoying the new site! It has great features that we did not have before - we are super excited!

Please take a look around, we've added GOLD FILLED fitted toe rings that are quickly becoming a hit! Stay tuned for some new exciting additions including thumb rings, big toe rings and adjustable rings!

Love, Sam

 WHOLESALE program coming soon!
 New! Adjustable Toe Rings
 Twinkle Toe Rings - New Logo!
 Wecome to our Blog!

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