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If you don't know your ring size, there are a few methods you can use to determine your size.

Method 1

Do you have a ring that fits, but don't know its size?  If so, visit findmyringsize.com.  This is a free and easy way to determine your toe rings size.  It's also a great back up method to confirm against one of the methods below. 

Method 2

Purchase a Toe Ring Sizer! Order a sizer and receive free shipping on the sizer and $2.00 off your next order!




Method 3

Download our printable sizer HERE. When printing, make sure you have unchecked page scaling. Cut out the sizer and wrap it snugly around your toe where you'd like the ring to sit (usually in the middle just past the pad/tip of your toe and between the two knuckles). Line up and read the size at the arrow. This is the ring size you will indicate on your order. If you have a large toe pad which is more that 2 sizes larger than your ring size, you might consider ordering 1/2 size larger.


Method 4

Wrap a piece of thin string or dental floss around your toe where you'd like the ring to sit. Carefully mark the exact location where the two pieces meet. Lay the string/floss against the millimeter side of a ruler and use the below chart to determine your size. As mentioned in Method 3, if you have an extra large toe pad, measure the pad with the string the same way. If there are more than 2 sizes (ring sizes, not millimeters!) between the two sizes, you might consider ordering a 1/2 size larger.



Ring Size

41 mm

size 2

43 mm

size 2.5

44 mm

size 3

45 mm

size 3.5

46 mm

size 4

48 mm

size 4.5

49 mm

size 5

50 mm

size 5.5

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